miArrest™ miRNA Inhibitors

Potent and long-lasting miRNA inhibitors provide robust knockdown of miRNA in virtually all cell types.

Vector-based lentiviral and non-viral clones or synthetic oligonucleotides

  • Achieve stable or transient transfection
  • Detect knockdown easily with mCherry reporter gene
  • Study miRNA loss-of-function confidently
Figure 1. Data showing the effect of miBlock miRNA inhibitor clone in a dose-dependent manner. A miR-125a inhibitor expression plasmid (GeneCopoeia HmiR-AN0094-AM01) was transfected into HEK 293 cells with 1) a miR-125a precursor expression plasmid (GeneCopoeia HmiR0309-MR03) and 2) a miRNA target sequence expression clone expressing LIN28, a known target gene for miR-125a (GeneCopoeia HmiT019205-MT02: 3’-UTR sequence of LIN28 in gaussia luciferase-alkaline phosphatase dual reporter expression vector). Both the GLuc activity and an internal control AP activity were determined 24 hours post-transfection. The activity ratio of GLuc to AP was set to 1 for the single transfection sample with LIN28 3’-UTR target sequence expression clone (left-most bar), against which the activities of other samples were normalized. The result shows that mir-125a suppressed the luciferase activity from the Gluc-LIN28-3’-UTR clone by more than 70% (Bar 2 from left). This suppression effect was blocked by the introduction of varying amount of miBlock™ inhibitor clone against miR-125a in a dosedependent manner. At the highest dose, the reporter GLuc activity is higher than the control (right-most bar). This could be attributed to the fact that this vector-based inhibitor may have blocked the regulatory effect of endogenous miR-125a, which would result in increased translational activity of GLuc-LIN28-3’-UTR transcript.

HIV-based lentiviral vector backbone

Non-viral vector backbone



  • All known human, mouse and rat miRNA
  • Synthetic oligonucleotides chemically enhanced to improve longevity and efficiency
  • Lentiviral backbone facilitates easy delivery into non-diving and hard-to-transfect cells
  • Well tested, high quality and cost effective

Also available for miRNA studies

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