Advisory Note for Schools

During our Product Research and Development we have contacted many customers, researchers, medical and paramedical practitioners and found they are concerned about the hygiene of the school going children as they are the most vulnerable to microbes and microbial infections. This has been found that despite the continuous efforts there have been various cases of infections reported among the school children.

Even ministry of Human Resource Department had started an initiative names NNSI (National School Sanitation initiative)with the collaboration of CBSE to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation for school children. This initiative has reduced the number of affected child but failed to completely eliminate the problem.

The most common reason found behind this problem has been the ineffectiveness of the present day sanitisers used by the academic entities. Sanitisers and disinfectants that are available today in the market fail to provide effective measure to ensure good health and safety of the children. The main problems that are associated with these sanitisers and disinfectants are:

  • Present day sanitisers are short active with performance duration of less than an hour. The reason being that they are chemically involved in the killing of microbe and get consumed, thus leave the surface unguarded. To maintain an aseptic level they have to be used frequently and repeatedly. All of the chemicals used are water soluble, thus they can be easily flushed out or get wiped away, which significantly reduces their protection period.

  • All of the disinfectants and sanitisers have low reproducibility thus it is very hard to predict their effectiveness, the data generated in labs are significantly different from the real world. Because of their chemical mode of action there is possibility of generation of mutants that could resist the chemical action and render it useless and make kids susceptible to microbial exposure.

  • The odour of the chemicals is unpleasant and toxic in most of the cases, cause irritation to eyes, roughness of skin etc. to kids. The reason is the available sanitisers and disinfectants are formulations of phenols, alcohols, aldehydes,Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC)etc. These tend to have the characteristic of being volatile in nature and toxic.

Thus there is a lack of satisfaction among the users, and customers feel that they have not been provided with the protection level they are paying for. The mopping & cleaning with present day sanitisers is a futile shortlived action having no lasting effects.

After years of intensive research our company has used a new technology that has led to formulation of a revolutionary product which comes in to fill this missing gap between the application of product and customer satisfaction.

ATZ Touch is long lasting protectant that remains on the surface for very long duration as compared to other products. This product is soluble only in a monomeric form but becomes insoluble after polymerisation once it comes in contact with substrate thus it forms an invisible layer of protection. The mode of action of our product is mechanical rather than chemical and is not consumed while providing the protection, thus it is providing protection round the clock. And there are no chances for the development of resistant microbes or super bugs. The product is extremely ecofriendly and have been proven non-toxic to humans, plants and animals and provides high degree of repeatability. Moreover the product does not have any unpleasant smell but it masks the foul smell of the surrounding.

The product is based on quaternary silane which is coupled with positively charged nitrogen and 18C aliphatic chain. The silane provides the universally adhesive property to the product, the positively charged nitrogen acts as a magnet for microbes as they are negatively charged. The 18C chain acts as a piercing component which forms a pore in the microbe's cell wall and as the microbes comes in contact with the positively charged nitrogen, they get electrocuted. Thus leading to the mechanical kill of the microbe. In order to read more about the product please refer to details covered under Technology.

Primary teachers play a significant role in providing a proper hygiene, they not only provide the knowledge about sanitation and hygiene but also have to ensure that the procedures are being followed by every child and that too in proper and accurate manner. It has been reported that it is bit hard for the teachers to keep an eye on every child for every single moment. There has been reports that most of the students usually forget to use soap while washing their hands. Some times their cloths gets spoiled even while commuting to the schools.

The common mode of spreading the contamination is through hands, ATZ-dew, a gel based formulation of the robust quaternary silane and uniformly forms a polymeric sheet providing an invisible barrier against every type of microbe for at least 24 hours, ATZ-dew actively fights against the highly contagious disease among kids, hand foot and mouth disease (HFM)caused by enterovirus. Once applied, ml of ATZ-dew provides continuous protection for next 24 hrs, compared to repeated use of other short acting alcohol based sanitisers which miserably fail to provide continuous protection. This product forms a layer of nano spikes at the nano level projecting outwards and providing protection for 24 hours, as the epidermis of the hand gets renovated every 24 hrs. Unlike other sanitisers this product does not evaporates after application and provides protection for 24hrs. Please read more information given on ATZ Dew

Since the students are protected at primary level through ATZ-Dew, second level of protection is provided through our product ATZ-Touch, a soluble monomeric solution which forms a polymer layer upon application and becomes insoluble. ATZ-Touch can be applied to the surrounding environment, including toys, desks, tables, etc., where it not only kills the microbe but forms a polymeric layer of defence and does not allow any growth of microbe. Child are more fond of exploring the objects by putting them in their mouth, and we have to be sure that before he/she put that object in his/her mouth is sterile Since this product is insoluble in nature, is provides a continuous protection to the surrounding for at least 30 days after its single application. This product ensures that the surrounding is free from any microbe. Please read advantages of ATZ Touch & read more for any Q & A on ATZ Dew FAQ Sheet

To fill the small gaps in providing the cent percent protection against microbes, our ATZ Mobi friend comes in handy. Since Cell Phones, Tabs, Laptops, Computers, PC Play tools have become an essential part of day to day life, they need to be kept in extreemly hygienic state. The fact of the matter is that mobiles have been shown to be a great source of contamination. ATZ Mobi friend forms an active polymer coating on the phone which inhibits and kill all microbe for 30 days after its single application. Please read more on Mobi Friend

Even cloths when get spilled with something or when get wet through water or sweat can provide to be a good substrate for growth of microbes, ATZ-FABrich is one of the product which once applied onto the clothes provide seamless protection for next 40 washes by forming the same invisible protective layer with the property of mechanical killing.Click on the link for more information about ATZ-FABrich

These products does not only provide protection to students only but to every person working in the school environment from every kind of microbe.

Click on the link for more information about various types of microbes against which ATZ's products has been proven clinically effective.

Are you concerned about the sanitisation level of your environment? Contact us for free testing, we will provide a free demo about the effectiveness of our products and measures through which you can dramatically increase the sanitation levels. We also provide testing of your water against the microbial load with instant results (no waiting for microbiology reports).


Who gets the benefit?

How they get the benefit?

Duration of protection


Student, Teachers, staff

Avoid contamination from the surroundings to hand and from contamination of hands

Round the clock protection for 24 hours


Every person in the surrounding

Forms a protection covering which actively killsthe microbes

Round the clock protection for 30 days

ATZ-mobi friend

Users of mobile, common computers and other electronic gadgets

Forms a protective covering on the device which does not allow the growth of any microbe

Round the clock protection for 30 days


Everyone who applies the solution while washing

Forms an active protective layer that actively kills the microbe and avoid further contamination

Round the clock protection for 40 washes