Advisory Note Hotels, F&B & Health Clubs

When it comes to hospitality, we know that an exceptional hygiene standard is a crucial element for keeping staff and customers happy, healthy and safe. The day-to-day requirements of hygiene in the hospitality business are measured on two criteria - staff requirements and customer requirements. Achieving the balance of expectations is often difficult and costly, and many traditional options cannot provide the control of expenditure whilst delivering the required hygiene performance.

The first and most frequent area where the exposure to microbes occurs is the reception, a place where guest directly come in contact, provides a gateway to the microbes to enter the hotel environment. Hotel staff constantly comes in contact with the reception thus there is high chance for microbial contamination. Our product ATZ-Touch, has been proven to provide protection for continuous 30 days. Once applied to the reception area it actively provides protection not only by killing the invading microbe but it keeps the area under surveillance and keeps it sterile. ATZ-Mobi friend can also be used to protect the hotel room keys, the electronic items like tabs, phones, computer screens which frequently comes in contact with the operator.

The second most common area for spreading a disease is kitchen, this is a place which is required not only to be completely sterile but have to be maintained sterile throughout the working period to avoid spreading of disease. There has been various instanced where a single contamination lead to spread of food poisoning, food spoilage, and other diseases. In a recent event, 32 restaurants in Kerala face closure notice over "poor hygiene", inEranakulum district of Kochi.

There have been various attempts to maintain sterile and hygienic environment for instance,Courtyard Marriott(Gurgaon) have a buzzer that sounds off every hour and all associates, wash their hands at the nearest hand wash sink. Furthermore, these sinks are exclusively for hand wash and are not to be used for anything else. Only approved soap and disposable, one time use paper towels are used. This not only expensive with respect to finance but also for time, as in every business time is extremely valuable. Despite of these efforts maintaining hand hygiene is not that much effective as the soap and other sanitisers does not protect the hands for longer duration.After each wash there is a decrease in the microbial load but just after a couple of minutes the microbial load again starts to build up, any contact with microbe thus will lead to cross-contamination until the hands are washed again. Neither the food containers nor the fresh produce are always sterile, merely washing of food containers and utensils is not a solution, as noro virus and others can easily skip the standard washing conditions, thus leaving the utensils and containers contaminated.Restaurant dishes and silverware may be an overlooked place where people can catch stomach viruses, according to a new study publishedat the Ohio State University found that guidelines for cleaning dishware used in public settings appear to fall short of eliminating norovirus, Hepatitis A and influenza viruses are able to get past current washing and sanitization protocols. Our product ATZ-Touch can be used to protect everything in kitchen environment including utensils, preparation desk, cutting and chopping tools, food containers, even walls and ceiling,ATZ-Touchwill form a protective layer on the device its applied and will protect it from microbes for 30days during which microbial load will not increase and thus will eliminate the risk of contamination. Our product ATZ-Dew will provide anti-microbial protection to the hands of each and every employee working in the kitchen. By the application of this product, the need of washing hands every hour or so will be eliminated. Washing chef's uniform and other clothing with ATZ-FABrich will provide another protection from the microbes and will avoid any cross contamination.

Due importance is given to personal hygiene, but at the professional front, it is hand hygiene that requires a greater focus. Without proper hand hygiene practices, It is not just an individual who is at stake, but several people who depend upon the type of work delivered by that individual, as hand plays a very significant role in interacting with the customer and staff. Even if the food is sterile along with the utensils, a contaminated hand of steward can spoil all the effort made to keep guests healthy and happy. Wearing protective gloves only provides protection to the person wearing them but they actively participate in microbial cross-contamination, thus wearing gloves is not a robust solution for avoiding contamination.ATZ-Dew provides the robust protection that you are looking for, it actively forms a protective cover over your hand and lead to instantaneous kill of the microbes present, and moreover it continues to provide this protection for next 24hrs, because it is involved in physical kill rather than chemical.

To avoid any food contamination FSSAI has been established under Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006 which consolidates various acts & orders that have hitherto handled food related issues in various Ministries & Departments. FSSAI has been created for laying down scientific and logical standards for articles of Food and to regulate their manufacture, store, distribution and sale to ensure availability of safe & healthy food for Human consumption across the nation.


FOOTMAT; to be kept at the entrance It is impractical to separate or restrict the movement of production staff because in our industry their nature of work demands them to walk to butchery, stores, receiving and inspection rooms and at times they have to meet guests to cater to their specific requirements.
One hand wash facility for every 20 staff: One hand wash facility for every 20 staff is impossible and impractical.
For prepared food in both cold food process and hot food process. A more clear microbiological criteria is required

Conference/marriage ceremony halls, plays a significant role for public gathering. Any person suffering from a communicable disease can easily infect a large number of individuals in a short duration of timeby direct contact with the individual and by indirect contact. Indirect contact usually works as a hidden weapon and rarely misses its aim. It is hard to control the indirect contact, once the microbe have left the host it gets attracted to the environment and through air and other means its easily gets circulated. To overcome such condition your product ATZ-Touch forms a protective shroud for every object present in the surrounding thus if any affected individual comes into the environment, the surroundings are protected all the time and there is no contamination. ATZ-Dew and ATZ-Mobi friend provides protection for the direct contact by forming an active cover on the individual's hands and their electronic items respectively.

Gyms are always the priority of the people who are concerned about their fitness and health. Though one can attain good body and physique while doing their intensive workout, but there are always health risks that are associated with gym environment, survey said that more than 20% of individuals follow their routine workout even during the duration of sickness. This can easily lead to spread of communicable disease to the fellow person. The sweat plays a significant role in the transfer of microbial load, during the workout an individual sweats a lot while burning calories and sweat contaminates the equipment and the surrounding. Application of ATZ-Touch provides the coating to the equipment and surrounding which will actively kill the microbe and keeps the environment clean and hygienic all the time despite of heavy workout of the customers. ATZ-Dew on the other hand provides a direct protection to the individual and helps avoiding a direct contact with the affected individual.

Another area of concern within the hotel industry is the sterility of the room that are being provided to the customers, high standards are required to be maintained for every part of the room including restrooms, pillows, bed linen, curtains, carpets, etc. Researchers from the University of Houston have probed the cleanliness of rooms, exposing the most-and least-filthy surfaces.TV remote control and the bedside-lamp switch were among the most contaminated as they are the most frequently used.Paranoia about cleanliness has already risen to the point that sterile modern living can make people sick by weakening their immune systems. Application of ATZ-Touch provide the impervious protection to all the objects in the room including TV remote, table lamp, electric switches, carpet (a great source of contamination), furniture, etc.

Bed sheets, pillows, quilts, towels etc. are the objects that comes in close contact with all the individuals present in the organisation. There has been reports which states that the many microbe successfully escape the modern techniques used to wash, sterilise and sanitise the laundry. These microbes are associated with varioustype of infectious disease.ATZ-FABrich provides the impermeable defence against these kind of microbes.When ATZ-FABrich is added during the washing, it forms a layer on the cloth which actively kills the microbe and avoidthe development of microbial load. This layer of protection is provided for continuous 40 washes. Thus leaving your valuable laundry sterile and highly hygienic.

To assist the hospitality management for attaining high standard of sterility in their environment, to provide the luxury with high quality of hygiene and sanitation, we provide our revolutionary products ATZ-Touch, ATZ-Dew, ATZ-FABrich and ATZ-Mobi friend.

All these products are eco-friendly and has been EPA certified. These revolutionary products are based on quaternary silane which is coupled with positively charged nitrogen and 18C aliphatic chain. The silane provides the universally adhesive property to the product, the positively charged nitrogen acts as a magnet for microbes as they are negatively charged. The 18C chain acts as a piercing component which forms a pore in the microbe's cell wall and as the microbes comes in contact with the positively charged nitrogen, they get electrocuted. Thus leading to the mechanical kill of the microbe. Click the link for more information regarding the structure andmode of action.

ATZ-Touch, a soluble monomeric solution which forms a polymer layer upon application and becomes insoluble. ATZ-Touch can be applied onevery object in the surrounding environment, including floors, carpets, dinning sections, rest rooms, reception desk, kitchen, etc., where it not only kills the microbe but forms a polymeric layer of defence and does not allow any growth of microbe.Since this product is insoluble in nature, is provides a continuous protection to the applied object for at least 30 days after its single application. Since it is based on quaternary silane formulation, it can bind to any kind of surface leaving it sterile for continuous 30 days. This product ensures that the environment is free from any microbe. Click on the link for more information about ATZ-Touch and for FAQs.

ATZ-Dew, a gel based formulation of the robust quaternary silane and uniformly forms a polymeric sheet providing an invisible barrier against every type of microbe for at least 24 hours, ATZ-Dew actively fights against Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, E.coli,Campylobacter, Clostridium perfringens, etc., that usually contaminate the food, leading to food poisoning. ATZ-Dew not only provide protection from these microbes but also restrict their cross contamination. Once applied, ml of ATZ-Dew provides continuous protection for next 24 hrs.compared to repeated use of other short acting alcohol based sanitisers and soaps which miserably fail to provide continuous protection. The long lasting effect of ATZ-Dew refrain staff from washing their hands every hour, thus saving a crucial amount of time and provide high level of sterile environment. This product forms a layer of nano spikes at the nano level projecting outwards and providing protection for 24 hours, as the epidermis of the hand gets renovated every 24 hrs. Unlike other sanitisers this product neither evaporates nor leaves the hand unguarded after application and provides protection for 24hrs.This product can be provided to guests as amenities which would not only provide protection but will also avoid cross-contamination. Click on the link for more information about ATZ-Dew.

ATZ-FABrich is a must to have product for every entity within the hospitality industry. ATZ-FABrich, when used for washing the clothes, it actively forms an invisible protection layer which mechanically kills the microbe. This product can be used to wash all the fabric used inside the hotels to ensure a clean and highly hygienic environment for the customers and all the staff members.Once applied onto the clothes ATZ-FABrich provide seamless protection for next 40 washes and the staff does not have to worry about clothes being microbial contaminated for next 40 washes. Click on the link for more information about ATZ-FABrich

ATZ-Mobi friend, a compacted version of ATZ-Touch provides an easy application of the product from small to medium sized electronic devices. It can be easily applied to the surface of mobiles, tablets, laptop screens, keyboards, keys etc. once dried it protects the device or object for next 30 days. Click on the link for more information about ATZ-Mobi friend

Are you looking for a highly sterile environment and want to increase the rating for your organisation? Contact usfor free testing, we will provide a free demo about the effectiveness of our products and measures through which you can dramatically increase the sanitation levels. We also provide testing of your water against the microbial load with instant results (no waiting for microbiology reports).