UltraClone™ DNA Ligation & Transformation Kits

10 X more recombinants from every reaction!

Lucigen's UltraClone™ DNA Ligation & Transformation Kits incorporate a unique transformation-boosting technology to maximize recombinant colonies using any cloning vector. Each UltraClone Kit includes CloneSmart® Engineered DNA Ligase and your choice of E. cloni® 10G or 10GF' Electrocompetent Cells or 10G Chemically Competent Cells. Simply use the UltraClone Kit to ligate your insert into your favorite cloning vector, and transform the included E. cloni cells. The UltraClone procedure is fast and easy, and gives a dramatic increase in the number of recombinants with a reduced background of empty vector. We generally see a 10 -fold increase with 10G SUPREME Electrocompetent Cells and a 3 to 5-fold increase with ELITE Electrocompetent or 10G Chemically Competent Cells. You save time and effort in obtaining the best cloning results possible with your insert and vector.


  • A dramatic increase in recombinants. The UltraClone Kit greatly increases recombinant yields from any E. coli cloning vector (see Figure 1).
  • Fast & simple procedure. No ligation clean-up step is required before transformation, saving valuable time and avoiding loss of the DNA.
  • Choice of high efficiency competent cells.
  • The E. cloni 10G strain (chemically competent or electrocompetent) is optimized for cloning and propagation of plasmid, cosmid, or BAC clones and directly replaces commonly used E. coli strains such as DH5a or DH10B. The E. cloni 10GF' strain (electrocompetent only) contains the F' plasmid for infection with M13 and production of ssDNA.
Figure 1. Increased number of recombinants with the UltraClone Kit compared to ligation and transformation reagents from other suppliers.


When used as directed, the UltraClone DNA Ligation & Transformation Kit typically gives at least a 3 to 5-fold increase in recombinants relative to ligation and transformation with standard reagents.


The UltraClone Kit is used for cloning any DNA into any vector for transformation of E. coli-derived competent cells.

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