UltraClean® Forensic DNA Isolation Ki

Certified DNA-free components for isolating PCR quality DNA from forensic samples  


  • Purify genomic and mitochondrial DNA from forensic samples in less than 20 minutes
  • All reagents and components are individually packaged for single use
  • Utilizes a silica spin filter technology to capture DNA.
  • Each prep is double bagged and individually sealed to minimize possible sources of cross contamination.
  • Each set of reagents and components for a single DNA prep is certified free of extraneous DNA contamination.
  • All required tubes and reagents required are provided and ready-to-use. Kit even includes certified DNA-Free pipet tips that are individually packaged.


The UltraClean® Forensic DNA Isolation Kit is the only kit on the market where each prep is individually packaged. It is designed to isolate high quality DNA from many different sample types including whole blood, blood stains, feces, buccal cells and most bodily fluids. The purified DNA can be used in sensitive downstream applications such as PCR and QPCR.

Each single prep kit (packaged for 10 or 20 isolations) and all components are certified DNA-free, providing a major advantage over multi-use DNA isolation reagents. Foreign DNA contamination risk is eliminated because reagents are treated with a procedure that destroys any sources of extraneous DNA prior to opening the package. In addition to being DNA-free, all reagents, tips and tubes are individually packaged for each prep (as shown in the photo).

Samples are treated by lysing cellular components and binding the released DNA to a silica spin filter. Protein and other cellular contaminants are removed by washing the filter. The DNA is recovered by eluting into certified DNA-Free Solution F5.

Research and Development


Format Silica spin filter method
Binding Capacity 20 μg DNA per spin filter
Throughput 1 - 10 samples
Time 20 minutes
Equipment Required Microcentrifuge

Storage Conditions

All buffers and reagents can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 years.

Proteinase K is stable at room temperature. For prolonged storage, place the Proteinase K at 4ºC.

Kit Components

Component Per Single Prep
Proteinase K 22 ��l
Solution F1 1 x 220 μl
Solution F2 1 x 220 μl
Solution F3 1 x 550 μl
Solution F4 1 x 550 μl
Solution F5 1 x 220 μl
DNA-Free Water 1 x 100 μl
Spin Filters 1
Collection Tubes 3
1 ml Pipet Tips 3
200 μl Pipet Tips 6


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