UltraClean® Microbial RNA Isolation Kit


The UltraClean® Microbial RNA Isolation Kit is designed to yield up to 60 µg of high-quality RNA from pure cultures of microorganisms in 35 minutes. Based on a bead beating technology, cells are lysed, RNA is captured on a silica spin filter, washed and eluted in a certified RNase-free elution buffer, ready for reverse transcription and RT-PCR. This kit includes all required RNase-free tubes and reagents ready-to-use. Requires our Vortex Adapter for maximum efficiency. This kit does not require organic solvents and is considered safer than TRIZOL®- based protocols.



  • Isolates total RNA from microbial cells in 35 minutes
  • Yields up to 60 μg high quality RNA for RT and RT-PCR.
  • Complete kit includes all required RNase-free tubes and ready to use reagents
  • Ideal for gram + and gram - bacteria, yeast, fungi and bacterial spores


Format Silica Spin Filter Tubes
Method Bead Beating
Binding Capacity Up to 60 μg per filter
Throughput 1 - 24 samples
Time 35 minutes
Microorganisms tested with UltraClean Kit  
B. subtilis S. aureus
B. pumulis L. casei
E. coli A. niger
E. faecalis C. albicans
P. aeruginosa S. cerevisiae
M. luteus  

Research and Development

High Quality Total RNA from Bacteria and Yeast

Kit Components

Component 15800-50 15800-250
Solution MR1 1 x 16 ml 1 x 80 ml
Solution MR2 1 x 850 μl 1 x 4 ml
Solution MR3 1 x 28 ml 1 x 130 ml
Solution MR4 1 x 15 ml 1 x 65 ml
Solution MR5 1 x 32 ml 3 x 33 ml
Bead Tubes 50 250
RNase free Water 1 x 5 ml 1 x 15 ml
Spin Filters In Tubes 50 250
Collection Tubes 200 1000