Undetectable Alleles?

Enhance your STR.
STR analysis is a powerful forensics analytical tool.

However, not all biological evidence is easily amplified by PCR. The condition of collected samples is highly variable, which sometimes translates into stochastic effects and repeated attempts at PCR.

Some challenging samples include:

  • Limited samples (e.g. trace evidence and low copy number)
  • Degraded samples
  • Blood samples containing inhibitory factors (e.g.heme)


enhancing reagent provides improved confidence of identification and easily incorporates into any workflow. Current cycling conditions and equipment can be used with commercially available genetic identification kits such as ABI’s Identifiler® and Promega’s PowerPlex 16® Systems*.

Amplification with STRboost increases peak heights and facilitates identification of individuals from picogram levels of DNA.

100 pg DNA

ABOVE Results indicate that including STRboost in amplification reactions containing low quantities of DNA (picogram range) results in increased peak heights at loci, thus facilitating identification of individuals, as reflected in this pair of electropherograms.

Overcome the challenge of inhibitory factors, such as heme, humic acid and indigo, with the addition of STRboost - increase peak heights and facilitate identification of individuals from picogram levels of DNA.

100 pg DNA with 5 μM hematin

ABOVE Electropherogram indicates enhancement of amplification from low quantity samples that were spiked with 5 μM hematin, a potent inhibitor, frequently present in forensic source samples.

STRboost is available in the following formats:

STRboost Catalog No. volume
50 Reactions 63401-001 150 μl
300 Reactions 63401-011 1 ml
5 Reactions Sample Kit 63400-001 20 μl