StainAll Dye for Immunoblotting

Cat. No. SALL-500

SIZE: 500 ml FORM: Liquid, Red Dye Soln. formulated in acidic buffered solution STORAGE: Store at room temperature.

Immunoblotting (Western blotting) is a commonly used technique to study proteins using antibodies. This involves electrophoresis followed by transfer of proteins to membranes (nitrocellulose or nylon membranes). Protein transfer is usually monitored by transferring pre-stained (blue or multicolor standards) molecular weight markers. If the markers are transferred to the membranes, it is assumed that rest of the proteins have also transferred in a similar manner. However, very often many proteins samples do not transfer well, move irregular during the run or transfer is not adequate because of air bubbles in the transfer sandwich or some other problems. Ideally, whole membrane should be stained prior to blocking to confirm the transfer of all samples. Unacceptable samples can be eliminated before attempting immunoblotting and avoid erroneous results. ADI has formulated an inexpensive ready-to-use dye solution that is well suited for this purpose. It has the following advantages:

  • Convenient. Ready-to-use solution. No preparation required. Save time.
  • Rapid. StainAll stains blot within seconds (30-60 seconds) immediately after electrophoresis and prior to blocking. Just rinse your filter with PBS and soak in StainAll. Proteins will stain pink immediately. Discard the dye solution. Filters can be stained for longer periods to increase protein intensity. After visual inspection, the filters can be destained in PBS or simply immersed in blocking

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SALL-500 71203A