RiboLadder Long

Catalogue Number:
BIO-33061 25 Lanes



  • Band sizes from 500b-9000b
  • Easy identification and orientation
  • Loading buffer included


RiboLadder Long is a single-stranded RNA molecular weight marker with band sizes ranging from 500b to 9000b. For easy identification and orientation, a band at 5000b has the highest intensity. The Ladder sequences are derived from transcribed Lambda sequences using in vitro transcription. RiboLadder Long contains 20% formamide.

2x RNA Loading Buffer with ethidium bromide is supplied for loading RiboLadder and also samples. The inclusion of ethidium bromide makes it unnecessary to add this to the gel.

If the RNA is to be used in a Northern Blot, we recommend using 2x RNA Loading Buffer without ethidium bromide (Cat. No. BIO-38026). Ethidium bromide reduces hybridization efficiency once the RNA is transferred to a membrane.

RNA Concentration

For optimal resolution of RiboLadder Long, and for optimal sample analysis, the following buffer, gel and associated protocol is recommended:


Prepare 10x MOPS-EDTA-Sodium Acetate Buffer (not supplied) (Cat. No: BIO-38027).


Prepare 1.2% agarose gel in 1X MOPS Buffer (not supplied) (formaldehyde is not required).


  • Take 4μl of RiboLadder Long and add 4μl RNA Loading Buffer.
  • For samples use a 1:1 ratio of Loading Buffer to RNA.
  • Denature sample at 65°C for 10 minutes.
  • Cool sample on ice for 1 minute.
  • Load denatured sample on 1.2% agarose MOPS gel. �� Run sample at 3V per centimetre.

Product Specifications

Batch Details:
Batch Number: See vial


RiboLadder Long 25 Lanes
RiboLadder Long 100μl
2x RNA Loading Buffer with ethidium bromide 1ml

Reagent Specifications:

2x RNA Loading Buffer with ethidium bromide): Sufficient for 125 runs

Storage Conditions:

RiboLadder Long can be stored for 6 months at -80°C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Shipping Conditions:

On Dry Ice

RNA Concentration:

The RNA concentration in RiboLadder Long is 1.5μg/μl. For optimum resolution we recommend 4μl per lane (6μg/lane).

Safety Precautions:

Toxic in contact with skin. Toxic if swallowed. Very toxic by inhalation. Causes burns. Please refer to the material safety data sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practice.

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  • This product insert is a declaration of analysis at the time of manufacture.
  • Research Use Only.