Food DNA Isolation Kit

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The PowerFood™ Microbial DNA Isolation Kit from MoBio combines the robust and rapid lysis method of bead beating with their patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® (IRT) for isolation of pathogen DNA from cultured food samples.

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  • Food samples examined using the PowerFood™ Microbial DNA Isolation Kit include meats, cheeses and dairy products, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, and juices.
  • Food pathogen DNA from the following organisms was shown to be inhibitor free using qPCR:

    – Clostridium difficile, Clostridium perfringens, Enterococcus faecalis,
    – Escherichia coli, Lactobacillus sp., Listeria monocytogenes,
    – Salmonella enterica.
  • To do this, the food must first be cultured (in the US these guidelines are mandated by the FDA and this is how this kit was developed)
  • The cultures are then plated on selective growth media to identify harmful bacteria
  • Labs that test food for bacterial contamination must identify only live bacteria that can cause infection
  • This process takes 2-3 days
  • By extracting DNA and identifying bacterial strains via PCR after the first culture, 1-2 days can be saved from this process


=> Process more sample types

Feature- The PowerFood Microbial DNA Isolation Kit is a complete system. No Proteinase K required.
Benefit- This kit can isolate pathogen (gram – and gram +) DNA from a wider variety of cultured food types than any other single kit on the market. No additional reagents or enzymes are required with this kit.

=>Fast, easy protocol

Feature- Inhibitor Removal Technology reagents included
Benefit- Inhibitors from food particles and debris are removed from the sample during purification which results in high quality DNA and increased sensitivity in qPCR.


Does the PowerFood™ Microbial DNA Isolation Kit come complete?

Yes , No extra kits or reagents for lysis of gram-positive bacteria are needed
No extra kits or reagents for PCR inhibitor removal are needed,
No ethanol needs to be added to the buffers

What bacteria have you tested?

  • Gram – (E. coli, Salmonella)
  • Gram + (Bacillus, Clostridium, Enterococcus, Lactobacillus, Listeria)

What foods have you cultured?

  • Dairy (cheese, cream, yogurt)
  • Fruits (strawberries, grapes)
  • Vegetables (ready-to-eat mixed salad)
  • Meat (raw ground beef)
  • Juices (orange, carrot)

Can the PowerFood™ Microbial DNA Isolation Kit be used for direct sampling of food?

  • This kit has been validated for use with cultured food homogenates. However, up to 250 mg of a food sample can be used for isolation of microbial DNA.

What foods have you sampled directly?

  • Chocolate
  • Dairy (milk, cream, cheese)
  • Vegetables (asparagus, lettuce)
  • Juices

How do you homogenize food samples prior to culturing?

  • A laboratory blender such as the BagMixer ® 400 VW (cat. # 23112) has been validated for homogenization of food.
  • For specific sample processing guidelines refer to FDA guidelines (Bacteriological Analytical Manual, Edition 8, Revision A /1998)