Improve Your PCR Performance with PCRboost™. Simply.


PCRboost™ is a reagent that enhances end-point and reverse transcription-PCR performance fivefold or more by improving sensitivity and specificity during amplification of genomic DNA or RNA templates.

Greatly improves amplification of difficult samples.

Enhance yield, specificity and consistency. Amplification is dramatically improved for all sample types, including:
  • Trace samples (≤1ng)
  • Degraded samples
  • Low-copy transcripts
  • Multiplexing (e.g., STR analysis)
  • Samples containing inhibitory factors

No changes to your end-point or reverse transcription-PCR protocol; simply replace the water in your reaction.

  • Can be used with most commercial Taq polymerase.
  • Use your own cycling conditions and equipment.
  • Chemically stable reagent—will not change melting or annealing temperatures.
  • PCR products compatible with all downstream applications.

Save time by reducing the number of reaction cycles.

Superior end-point PCR results with PCRboost.

Amplification with PCRboost™ is superior to PCR performed with other commercially available enhancers. Results are enhanced fivefold or more.*
ABOVE A 12.5-fold increase in amplification is seen when end-point PCR is performed using PCRboost compared to conventional, unenhanced PCR. (1ng gDNA amplified using human b-actin primers. 10μl of each PCR reaction was run on 0.8% agarose gel.)

*Actual amplification results may vary depending on template specificity and amplicon size.

Reverse transcription-PCR results are enhanced with PCRboost.

Transcripts are easily amplified and visualized when utilizing PCRboost to enhance amplification. Enhanced reverse transcription-PCR product can then be used in downstream applications such as cloning, hybridizations and sequencing without further purification.
ABOVE A 6.2-fold increase in reverse transcription-PCR amplification is seen when using PCRboost compared to conventional, unenhanced PCR. (RNase P [510 bp] transcript amplified using 1μl of cDNA generated from 100ng total RNA. 10μl of each PCR reaction was run on 0.8% agarose gel.)

PCRboost is available in the following formats:

PCRboost 63301-011 1.0ml
PCRboost Trial Kit 63301-001 150μl
PCRboost, 10ml 62301-021 10ml