UltraClean® Fecal DNA Isolation Kit For 30 minute isolation of genomic DNA from fecal samples.


The UltraCleanŽ Fecal DNA Kit is a bead-beating method designed to isolate cellular, PCR quality genomic DNA from stool samples, dried fecal samples, droppings, forensic samples, and gut material. Simultaneous isolation of both host and microbial DNA is achieved. The kit also ensures removal of PCR inhibitors from the starting sample. Our Vortex Adapter is recommended for cell lysis. This fecal DNA kit has been used by numerous law enforcement agencies, zoologists and forensic scientists.


  • Rapidly purifies DNA from 250 mg to 1 gram in 30 minutes
  • Yields PCR ready DNA up to 50 kb plus - Simultaneous isolation of both host DNA and microbial DNA
  • Proprietary Inhibitor Removal Solution eliminates humic acid PCR inhibitors
  • Efficiently lyses microorganisms, spores and fungi

Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature for up to 2 years.


Format Silica Spin Filter Tubes
Bead Beating Bead Beating
Binding Capacity Up to 20 μg per filter
Throughput 1 - 24 samples
Starting Amount From 250 mg to 1 gram
Equipment Required Vortex and Vortex Adapter

Research and Development

Kit Components

Component 15800-50 15800-250
Solution MR1 1 x 16 ml 1 x 80 ml
Solution MR2 1 x 850 μl 1 x 4 ml
Solution MR3 1 x 28 ml 1 x 130 ml
Solution MR4 1 x 15 ml 1 x 65 ml
Solution MR5 1 x 32 ml 3 x 33 ml
Bead Tubes 50 250
RNase free Water 1 x 5 ml 1 x 15 ml
Spin Filters In Tubes 50 250
Collection Tubes 200 1000