Lifeguard™ Soil Preservation Solution (For Stabilization of Microbial RNA in Soil)


Product Description

Soil samples are typically collected in field locations which are often remote. The microbial RNA begins to change immediately after collection and in a remote location cryopreservation of these samples is significant challenge. However, obtaining accurate community structure analysis of the living microorganisms and high quality gene expression profiles from the microbial community present in the sample at the time of collection provides an invaluable snapshot of soil activity.

MO BIO’s new product LifeGuard™ Soil Preservation Solution

solves this problem by putting the microbes into stasis upon contact. LifeGuard™ Soil Preservation Solution puts microbial RNA present in soil samples into stasis immediately upon contact, preserving gene expression profiles and community structure information. The microbes will have no new RNA expression and existing RNase activity will be halted preserving gene expression profiles for at least 30 days at ambient temperature, eliminating the need to bring ice or liquid nitrogen to collection sites.

Product Features and Benefits


  • Immediate stabilization of soil samples
  • Optimized for soil
  • Performs at ambient temperature


  • Puts microbial RNA into stasis, inactivates RNases
  • Preserves microbial RNA in soil better than competition
  • No need to bring ice or liquid nitrogen to collection sites

Why LifeGuard™ Soil Preservation Solution is it Better?

  • LifeGuard Soil Preservation Solution stabilizes microbial RNA upon contact.
  • LifeGuard is the only product that is optimized for soil samples.
  • LifeGuard works at ambient temperatures eliminating the need for ice and liquid nitrogen at collection sites.
  • Easy to use protocol, no special equipment needed at collection site and recovered sample integrates seamlessly with MO BIO RNA PowerSoil kit.

Product Application

  • This solution works with Soil Samples. It is recommended to add 4 ml of LifeGuard™ Solution to 2 g of soil (2:1 ratio). The sample can be stored at ambient temperature (up to 25°C) for 2 weeks and at 4°C for 30 days.
  • Because each soil varies in biomass and water content, actual storage conditions for individual soils should be assessed for optimal conditions.