Immunoglobulin A

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Due to their specific effector functions, IgA present an interesting therapeutic potential for mucosal protection against virus and bacteria. Despite this great potential and in contrast to monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) of the IgG isotype, their development as research tools or human therapeutics has been scarce.

As a specialist of the Toll-like receptors (TLRs) and innate immunity, InvivoGen believes that IgA is a new hot topic in this field and therefore is initiating a vast IgA program.


Secretory IgA (SIgA) represents the most abundant immunoglobulin_lifetech_india of body secretions. The molecular stability and effector immune functions make SIgA particularly well suited to provide mucosal protection against pathogens.

IgA Antibodies

InvivoGen's monoclonal IgA antibodies are chimeric antibodies in which the constant domains of the human IgA molecule were combined with murine variable regions. They have been selected for their ability to efficiently neutralize the biological activity of selected cytokines and Toll-Like Receptors.

IgA Purification

For fast and efficient purification of IgA antibodies from biological samples,

InvivoGen provides three different methods, SSL7, Jacalin, and Protein L.

IgA Detection & Quantification

InvivoGen provides all the reagents necessary to detect and quantify the light and heavy chains of IgA antibodies by sandwich ELISA: capture antibodies, revelation antibodies and IgA standards. InvivoGen offers also a polyclonal rabbit antiserum to human J chain for the detection of dimeric IgA.

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