HyperPAGE Prestained Protein Marker

Protein Marker: ~10kDa to 190kDa

Catalog Numbers:

BIO-33065 100μl
BIO-33066 500μl

Research Use Only

Store at -20°C


Reagent 10 Lanes 50 Lanes
HyperPAGE Prestained Protein Marker 100μl 500μl


HyperPAGE is a broad range prestained protein marker containing 9 purified recombinant proteins with molecular weights ranging from 10kDa to 190kDa. The proteins are prestained with fluorescent dyes and resolve into 4 blue and 5 pink bands with uniform intensity, for easy visualization and orientation.

HyperPAGE is suitable to monitor the efficiency of electrophoretic migration in SDS-PAGE and the transfer of proteins from gel to membrane in Western blotting without the addition of dye. Prestained protein markers are suitable for determining the approximate molecular weights of proteins. For accurate sizing, the use of unstained markers is recommended


First time use: Add 100μl (BIO-33065) or 500μl (BIO-33066) water to the tube. Warm briefly to 37°C and mix well. Load 10μl per well on standard polyacrylamide mini-gel. Aliquot and store at -20°C. Subsequent use: Thaw aliquot and use directly.

Reagent Specifications

Storage Conditions:

Lyophilized marker can be stored at -20°C for three years. Once reconstituted with water, store at -20°C for three months. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.