RBC Glass Plating Beads(sterile)

Non-Heat Shock Transformation


RBC Glass Plating Beads (4 mm) provide an efficient and easy method to achieve optimal spreading on agar plates. The rolling action of the glass beads gently spreads the E.coli solution (or any bacterial/fungal solution) to reach areas of the plate that are inaccessible to spreaders. Multiple plates containing beads and E.coli solution may be stacked and shaken simultaneously to increase spreading throughput and reduce cell stress. The beads may be recovered by washing with 70% ethanol, sterilized by autoclaving and oven dried.


Rapid Simultaneous Plating (Increases Transformation Efficiency).


  • Economical: 75-100 plates/bottle
  • Reusable
  • Sterile


For regular plating of RBC HIT Competent Cells™,10-20 beads may be added immediately after pipetting 50-100 μl of transformed cells onto each plate. Move the plate back and forth to roll the beads on the surface and change the direction of shaking a few times to ensure even spreading. When the surface of the agar visibly begins to dry on the plate (20-40 seconds), pour off the beads and the plates are ready for incubation.


RBC Glass plating beads shall be pre-warmed at 37°C before using with HIT Competent Cells™.

Storage Conditions

RBC Glass Plating Beads should be stored dry at room temperature (15~25°C).