DNA SampleMatrix

Biomatrica has developed DNA SampleMatrix®, a proprietary technology which stabilizes genomic and plasmid DNA samples and oligonucleotides at room temperature without degradation.

DNA SampleMatrix is now available in tube and 96-well format as DNA stable.

Biomatrica offers services to customize a solution using the DNA SampleMatrix platform to match your specific sample stabilization and storage needs.

DNA SamplexMartix preserves genomic DNA for long-term storage at room temperature
Human genomic DNA samples were stored for 26 months in either DNA SampleMatrix (SM) or unprotected (NP), at either ambient temperature (RT) or under conditions equivalent to 30 years of room temperature storage (60 C). Control reference samples were stored at -20 C for the same time period. Quantitative PCR result show significantly higher recovery of DNA following storage in DNA SampleMatrix as comparaed to frozen control samples, even after exposure to extremely elevated temperatures for extended time periods.