DNA Sequencing Services

Life Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. provides High Throughput DNA sequencing service for both PCR DNA and purified DNA samples.

Regular Service types:

  • Single Pass sequence analysis of PCR products.
  • Single Pass sequence analysis of purified Plasmid DNA.

What all the customer needs to provide us?
1) Template DNA

Plasmid DNA :
  • Sample size ‐ 10μl minimum
  • Concentration ‐ >85ng/μl

PCR DNA product:
  • Sample size ‐ 10μl minimum
  • Concentration ‐ >25ng/μl

2) Primer

  • Sample size ‐ 8μl minimum
  • Concentration : > 2pmol/μl (>2μM) (Pre‐adjust your conc. in DNAase free water) Note: Primers should be 18‐24 bases in length with Tm = 56⁰‐⁰C and GC content within 45% ‐50% range

Sampling Format:

  • Samples may be sent in 200μl PCR tubes for less number of samples.
  • Samples may be sent in 96 well plate format for large number of samples. Please keep two wells (G12 and H12) empty for our controls. Seal the plate tightly and provide some cushion to avoid any potential damage during shipping. Samples need to be stable at room temperature.

Result of DNA Sequencing Service:

  • Result will be sent as raw .ab1 format as well as FASTA text format.
  • Result files will be labeled with the sample number that is indicated on your order form or as your DNA & primer name.

Please send us the details of the samples in the following format:

Sample Information Details

Sample No. DNA Name (5 letter max.) DNA Type (PCR/ Plasmid) DNA length(Vector + Insert in bp) DNA Conc. (ng/μl) Primer Name (5 letter max) Primer Conc. (pmol/μl =μM) Universal Primers Purity (OD260/280) & Notes
Eg: A1 Pfcr1 PCR 600bp 85 Mem2 2.08 T7 term Purity=1.8
Note: Sample preparation service is available if you would like us to purify, adjust your sample concentration or adjust sequencing primers. For any such service please mention in the notes column. Please provide 3x the amount of DNA if you want us to purify your samples. If you want purification of PCR products, please provide gel image. Alternatively, we can perform gel analysis and purification. Additional charges apply for all the above services.