Cell/Tissue Derived Products

  • RNA
    High quality RNA is available from cultured adipocytes, preadipocytes, whole adipose tissue, adipocyte ("floaters"), primary hepatocytes and various tissues. The RNA is from healthy or type II diabetic donors. Donor information including age, sex, and body mass index will be included with your order. We can accommodate many special requests.
  • Cell Extracts
    Total protein extracts have been prepared from cultured subcutaneous and omental preadipocytes and adipocytes. These protein extracts are suitable for Western blotting, ELISA assays or immunoprecipitation.
  • Flash Frozen Tissue Samples
    Adipose tissue samples (one gram) from both subcutaneous and omental depots are flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen and can be used for subsequent cellular, biochemical and/or genetic analysis.
  • Flash Frozen Floaters
    Primary adipocytes or floaters are isolated from adipose tissue during the initial processing of tissue. These floaters have been flash frozen in liquid nitrogen and can be used for cell extract applications. Please note that the cells lyse upon freezing and can not be cultured.
  • Slides
    Subcutaneous and omental adipose tissue from a variety of donors have been formalin fixed and embedded in paraffin. Tissue has been sectioned into 0.2 µM sections onto slides. These slides are suitable for a variety of histological applications.
  • Conditioned Media
    Conditioned media from cultured subcutaneous and omental preadipocytes and adipocytes are available in 10 ml aliquots. The cells are incubated with serum and phenol red free basal medium for 24 hours. Supernatants are collected and flash frozen. These preparations are suitable for a variety of assays.
  • Custom Procurement Solutions
    ZenBio offers cells, tissue, and serum from a diverse group of donor populations. Products are available from mixed donor lots, individual donor lots and a variety of disease states such as type II diabetes, hypertension, and others. Often, ZenBio is able to provide additional value added information such as blood panels and history of disease. In the event we do not have samples from a donor demographic that meets your needs, we are able to custom tailor a solution.
  • Custom Culture Services
    ZenBio offers an extensive array of cell types and plate formats in our regular catalog. When you require a cell type or plating format not currently listed, please let us know. We are able to work with our surgical partners to obtain various additional tissue types as well as isolate various cell types from tissue we currently receive.