ATZ-Fogger, our mechanical means to deliver you the protection through ATZ-touch.

Our powerful, efficient and portable Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers are ideal for perfect application of ATZ-touch. The droplet size is fully adjustable between 5-50 microns. They can also produce a powerful flow rate between 30-60 LPH and can easily cover a large area quickly. With the exclusive 1250 Watt motor power, our foggers are one of the most popular products in the market today.

Features: Powerful, Efficient and Easy to use

Spec: A powerful Motor (1250Watt), Solenoid Valve, 2 Speed Control, Fiber-Reinforced Plastic body, 3.8L Tank (DH30), 5L Tank (DH50)

Model : C150
Tank Capacity : 5 Litres
Power : 1250 Watt Powerful Motor
Voltage : 110V / 220V – 50-60Hz
Weight (Net) : 4.9Kg
Dimensions : L620 X H310 X W170 (mm)
Flow Rate : 60 LPH
Features : Powerful Motor fitted 2 speed output control


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